Our goal at Itemwise is to help you find the items you're interested in as quickly and conveniently as possible. For example, if you are searching for a house, we ensure that you are automatically notified of new, interesting houses as fast as possible and without the need to constantly refresh real estate sites. We think this benefits you as a user tremendously, as you are freed from the burden of manually having to check sites for new content or having to figure out the optimal search parameters for your interests.

For our technology to work, we need to track your behaviour on our client websites. While this might sound a bit scary, bear in mind that we absolutely do not know anything about you personally and do not have the intention of getting to know you that intensely (sorry!). All we really want to know is whether a given computer visited one of our client websites and, for example, searched for houses in a certain area. Who this computer belongs to, where this person lives, who his friends are, etc. are all things that we do not care about nor need to know to provide you with our service. You can stop this tracking on a given website anytime just by clearing the '_tty' cookie that you will find under this website's domain.

Technical users might have noted that we sometimes also set a 3rd party cookie. We only use this cookie for clients who have websites with different domains. We never match a user based on 3rd party cookie on websites that are not linked to each other. This ensures we never get to know you too much, while still allowing us to personalize our client's websites specifically for you.

So, in short, you can rest assured that we treat the data we gather with the utmost care and respect. If you still feel uncomfortable with it, however, feel free to opt out by clicking the button below.